Your online identity.

With our technology, you can identify yourself via app in just a few minutes. All you need is a smartphone. Of course, we always ensure the protection of your data. Get to know the best-rated app for online identification.

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Best rated identify verification app, available on iOS and Android.

Why do we need your facial and vocal data?

How does it work?

For your identification process, you need to record your ID document and a selfie video in our app and read out two words. The process takes less than three minutes and your identity is verified in no time.


Record a video of your document front side.

We check your profile photo, personal information and various security features on your document.


Record a selfie video.

We use this to check the liveness of your video and compare your face with your document profile photo.

Your digital services all in one place.

Nect safely stores and organises all of your services, all in one place. Managing your digital identity has never been so easy and secure.

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